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About Us

The Clever Group is all about business - manufacturing magnets, promotional products, apparel, trade supply and book publishing.

All Clever Stuff is a bit different. This is where we have some fun with ideas and designs. There are so many things that we can do in-house but they are not the kind of products that businesses are interested in. It has been difficult to stay focused on the business side when there is so many other things we like doing. So this page is about those things. The clever things that are more fun.  

The idea was that it would be anything that you would think  "oh that's clever" but then we got carried away with just things we liked to sell so on this site you will find there is an eclectic mix of stuff. I am sure there will be something that tickles your fancy.

Remember we are the manufacturer of most of these items so we can do almost anything when it comes to customisation, so if you need something let us know - we do love the challenge.