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Some of Our Clever Things

Kids Bag Tags

Kids are just so adorable that we want them to have everything that is cute and lovely. Great ideas for boys and girls.

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Custom Printed Kids Bags

This is the answer to lost bags at school. Great for excursions and swimming. Name and class so it doesn't get lost.

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Clever Women's Wear

Some things just need to be easier. We all have problems and some of the Clever answers are here.

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Storage For Your Electronics

We all have so much electronics these days. We can't live without it but "oh my" doesn't it give us a headache sorting it.

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Car Accessories

Make that trip with the kids easier and more enjoyable. Clever helpful things so that everyone has fun.

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Travel Bags & Luggage

Packing for an extended trip is hard. Using clever travel bags that make the job easier is a smart move.


Toiletries or Cosmetic Bags

You can't leave home without them. Clever designs to make them easier to use. How have you managed without them?

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Travel Accessories

All those little things that make the trip a success. You can't be without some of these Clever things.

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Metal Luggage Tags

Don't lose your bag at the airport. Custom printed tags are the way to go. Designs for everyone.

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Travel Bag Organisers

Sort you gear before you go on. Arrive with everything sorted, clean and ready to go. Keep things together to make it easier.

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Home Storage Ideas

Keep things sorted and organised. Display the pretty things and hide the rest. Organisation is key to a happy life.

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Door Signs for Girls & Boys

Printed door signs for your child's bedroom. Bikes, Mermaids, Fairies and Soldiers. Sticky back for easy installation.

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Girls With Attitude

We all know that one girlfriend or sister that has a bit of an attitude. This is how we celebrate her.

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Dishwasher Magnets

Opening the door to look is too hard. So this is how you know if the dishes in your dishwasher are clean or dirty. 

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Man Cave Wall Signs

Man Cave Signs are perfect for that man in your life. An easy gift that it just as easy to install. Just peel the back and stick it up.

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Photo Gift Ideas

Lots of items that can have a photo printed on them. Great for Nans' and Pops' at Christmas or Mothers' and Fathers' day.

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